Riedell Quad Skates for Roller Derby Girls

Roller Derby Skates Riedell 125
Riedell 125 with Witch Doctor Wheels

I don't need to tell you that you want Riedell's, They're the flagship roller skate company with decades in the making. The important thing to remember before getting your Riedell Quad Roller Skates for Roller Derby Competitions is that you have a good quality Speed Boot that fits, I mean really fits, you don't want any blisters the next day after getting your new skates for roller derby. The best way to is to actually try the brand you plan to buy on in advance at a rink. If you want Riedell skates and don't have a roller rink near you or don't know of a rink with Riedell rental skates, you can plan on having to do your research online. Search google for "fitting riedell boots" or "riedell sizing information" or just click the links we have provided from the Riedell Website right there.


It is important that when you get your roller skates and try them on, make sure to lace them up and push your heel back into the heel pocket, you gotta open up that heel pocket! Many people end up skating with the wrong size because they do not have the experience at the initial sit down size determination. There you go!!

Roller Derby Skate Riedell Carrera
Riedell Carrera with Sure-Grip Zoom Wheels


More Real Roller Derby Quad skates coming soon. They are NTS (no toe stop series!) The Original Roller Derby Set-ups had no Toe-stops.


Now lets dig in for what you need to have on your roller derby skates. You want to have good quality leather boots the Riedell 122 speed boot is great or if you want an Velcro® ankle strap go for the Riedell 125 boot with a good plate either a Nova chassis or a Probe chassis. Your speed wheels should be 62mm and wide. Many speed wheel models come in FIRM or GRIP, Firm is usually 97a durometer and Grip could be low as 93a durometer. They are both pretty hard urethane cause you obviously will be indoors on most likely a wood floor. Tongue and Groove Maple is the best for roller rink floors and most expensive. Cheaper rinks floors are made of composite particle board have roll-on skate floor coatings similar to resin or thick lacquer that has to be maintained with new coats every so often. Luckily and hopefully you are skating on the best floors and know you preferences for grip. It's up to you decide which one hurts more as you slam into it, hopefully you won't get hurt either way but...some of the most popular wheels these days are the Hyper Rave Speed Roller Skate wheels, Hyper Witch Doctor wheels, Radar X-ray and Radar Speed Ray wheels in Green or Blue (red no longer available) The Thing about hyper is that they have abandon the North American market and set up shop in Italy, Europe. So if you see anything hyper in the USA it is already long gone so snatch it up, they most likely will never be made again.


Next make sure to pick your toe stop set-up, you may want NTS series (no toe stop) or you may want a Dance Plug or a Adjustable Speed Stop. Snyder Toe Stops are also great and come in small medium or large depending on how you skate. You will be spending $120 - $300+ dollars for the Riedell Set-ups I described. Alternatively you can get the very popular Riedell Carrera Skates. You can upgrade the wheels and bearings yourself when you are ready or find a set-up that already has better wheels. Like a Carrera with Sure-Grip Zoom wheels. Search the internet for Riedell Carrera Zoom Quad or Riedell Carrera "Z" Or you can always research on the web and shop right online for roller skates or quad skates from product descriptions from specialists with years of experience.


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