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Hi. We are Roller A site dedicated to preserving rollerculture. Were here to keep you up to date on whats happening in the roller world. We will have interviews and articles with different famous rollerskate artists, designers, and dancers. We will have trick tips and mechanical tips on tricking out your roller skates or quad skates.

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Introducing to you today, the new QuadLineTM Skate

I have one word to describe this new experience: It's Awesome, simply awesome. I skated outdoors for 30 years on my conventional roller skates, I skated on inline roller skates. When I put on the new QuadlineTM skates, the experience was is like no experience I have ever had outdoor roller skating. I can truly say this from the bottom of my heart. The roll is incredible. It is effortless, stable and fast. I also have a lot of control while I am doing it.. I think you will enjoy the same experience that I am having, on your new QuadLine SkatesTM. So are you ready for your new experience on QuadLineTM Skates? Get yours today (If you haven't already)
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- Richard Humphrey - Premier Rollerdance Instructor

click to see Carol skate the QuadLine™

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"With the roller skate configuration of an inline type wheel, you get everything. You get speed and stability and they are super manueverable. That's the thing that shocks everybody when they first skate the QuadLineTM. It's so cool, I don't think I will ever put my roller skate wheels back on... really."
- Carol Sloan - Certified Inline Instructor


Where did the QuadLineTM come from?

We simply took the most useful components of traditional rollerskates, inline skates, and scooters. We put them into a unique arrangement that we call the QuadLineTM.

All the pre-existing components fit together as if they were made for each other to begin with. Thru the powers of free association and 30 years experience I was able to discern that the QuadLineTM will be a marketing sensation. In the words of Richard Humphrey it is" THE SKATE THAT CROSSES ALL LINES" It not only rolls but has the necessary Bling Bling to cross all cultural sectors of the skating world. It is efficent, yet hard core. It has the street cred look, so-to-speak.

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Read about the Roxy Roller Rink in Manhattan New York

The lights are low, the skaters are wearing spandex and Gloria Gaynor is hollering about her determination to survive. If you squint - or had enough to drink - you can almost see the ghosts of Andy Warhol, Halston or a teenage Brooke Shields, wobbly legs rolling in endless circles at 3 a.m. as a spangled beauty descends from the ceiling through a cloud of smoke.

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We Need Pics of your Skates! - Click Here for the Gallery

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